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Ok, here's the deal. I HATE blogging. I LOVE my job, and the fact that I sometimes have 10 different types of gigs in a week, but by the time I've done them and had the experience, I'm ready to move on to the next thing. It just never occurs to me go back and write a report about it! Acknowledging that I'm at least six months behind, I can just say that the variety of work has probably been the most diverse and energizing six months of my career! I will try to be better in the future, but here are some highlights:
I recorded a new album last fall. I'm really proud of it and hope you like it! I don't have any specific goals for it now, I just really wanted to get it made and see what happens. I had some of my best friends and favorite players join me on it!
 Album Cover for Digital Distribution
- White Christmas/Christmas at Belmont
I have the pleasure of teaching at Belmont University, and I also get to work with some REALLY talented musical theatre students. It's one of my favorite genres to perform! I got to play in the pit for their production of White Christmas in December, and we also performed a medley of the tunes at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center when we recorded Christmas at Belmont that aired on PBS last year.
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- Mockingbird Weddings and Parties

I always love playing weddings. Not only do I get to be a major part of a client's special day, but I get to play a wide variety of music with a wide variety of players! Some of my recent ones have included solo piano, organ and strings! I've also done a handful of cocktail hour/instrumental gigs with piano/guitar/vocals doing cover songs!
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One of my favorite gigs is to go on the road with is Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles. I've been playing with these guys for about five years now and we recreate the Beatles' masterpieces as accurately as possible in a live setting. We did a few weeks in the U.S. and Canada last month.
Staying with the Beatles theme, I just got to record an episode of "From Me to You." Aired on Hippie Radio 94.5 and hosted by Richard Courtney, we met just a week or so after the recent death of Beatle Legend Sir George Martin and we discussed his impact on the Beatles' arrangements and creative process. We also got to talk about my new record, and he even played a few tracks. I think that's the first time any of my material has been on the radio!
Lastly, and most exciting of all; I've recently begun a stint as musical director/keyboardist for "Eat Your Science," Chef Alton Brown's live show. We just opened in Charleston this week and it was one of highs of my career! I'm a huge fan of his, so to be able to accompany him and interact with him on stage is a dream come true. We're coming to TPAC in Nashville on Wednesday, April 13th. Make sure you check it out!
 Alton BrownABL

- Chris