Mockingbird Musicians


Basic Wedding Ceremony Package

  • 30 minutes prelude music
  • You choose the prelude style (jazz, classical, pop), we choose the songs
  • You choose the ceremony selections from our comprehensive repertoire (We can also transcribe ANY request for a fee of $30/song)
  • There are nominal mileage fees if the wedding takes place outside of a 20-mile radius of downtown Nashville
  • We charge $300 for a soloist, and $175 for each additional musician. For example:
  • 1 musician- $300
  • 2 musicians- $475
  • 3 musicians- $650
  • 4 musicians- You get the picture…

Custom Wedding Ceremony Package

Want your brother to sing with our pianist? Will your wedding be incomplete without a performance of your favorite Taylor Swift song? Then you need our custom package! With this package you can customize as much or as little as you want. Due to many factors, prices vary, so contact us for a free consultation and quote!

Sound System Rental

We have sound equipment available, as well. We can supply a wireless lapel microphone for your officiant, and up to two wired microphones for readings, etc. Our rates are $150 for the first microphone and $100 for each additional microphone. A speaker, mixer, required cabling, and an operator are all included in the rental.


Check out the events section for your cocktail hour and/or reception! Visit out our blog or YouTube Channel for some listening samples!