Mockingbird Musicians

Nashville Eclipse Wedding

Some people contact me about music for their wedding years before the big day. Others wait until the Monday before their big day... I've seen it all, so nothing surprises me anymore. That being said, when a couple contacted me many months ago about their destination wedding in Nashville on a very specific Monday at a very specific 1:27 p.m., I thought it was a little odd.

Closer to the date, the media filled in the gaps for me. The eclipse was all people could talk about. Everyone was making their plans to view the rare event, but luckily, my plans had been made a long time ago! I was going to be providing a violin/piano duo for a gorgeous and extremely unique rooftop wedding! We had an amazing show, as many of you know. While a huge cloud blew in right before totality, we still had the amazingly erie sensation of watching the Nashville skyline light up in the middle of the afternoon.

WKRN even stopped by and did a little bit on the wedding!