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It’s Holiday Party Planning Season!!! (Listening Sample – “Frosty the Snowman”)

Today REALLY feels like fall in Nashville! I love this time of year. Even though weddings seem to slow down, we always seem to pick up a few holiday-related gigs to fill in the gap.

As much as I really DETEST even mentioning Christmas plans before Halloween (as stores seem to be doing more and more), if you're planning a party, you'll probably be starting soon!

I actually took this pictures in a Kroger last SEPTEMBER.

Don't forget to think of us for your music needs! We really can supply ANY combination of musicians for your party. Nothing adds to your event like some top-rate Nashville musicians jamming away to some holiday classics! Check out the link below to hear a recording from a Christmas party we played last season. This particular trio included saxophone, guitar and piano. I just laid my recorder down before the gig and it actually turned into a decent recording!
Frosty the Snowman