Mockingbird Musicians

Fun with Family (Listening Sample – “Harper”)

We had a great visit last week with my sister, Erin and nephew, Silas. While we missed my niece and brother-in-law, it was nice to shower the baby with attention that his big sister seems to command when she's in the room. Silas and I even got to bond while my wife and sister flitted off on a shopping trip. As much as I love kids, there was an element of terror when the women left the house and I - the anal retentive, diaper and vomit-fearing uncle - was left alone with his nephew for an unknown amount of time.

Spending time with Silas made me remember the night when his older sister, Harper was born. I was in a practice room at the University of Louisville and Erin was having a baby about 1,000 miles away in Arizona. I felt removed from the process and was inspired to write her a song (one of my only attempts at song writing) in honor of her birth. (Please don't judge too harshly, I promise Mockingbird Musicians will never perform my work at your wedding or event!!)


When Silas was born, I was on tour and didn't really have time to write him a song. One day, Silas, I promise to write you one and prove that I love you just as much as Harper. Until then, though, you can think back on the awesome time we had actually PLAYING piano together last weekend (which I never did with your sister), even if you drooled on my keyboard and almost swallowed the reverb knob...