Mockingbird Musicians

Events on 3rd, St. Augustine’s Chapel, Christ the King Cathedral

What an excellent weekend of gigs! I started my Saturday with a very Catholic Wedding Mass at Christ the King in the Belmont neighborhood. This was a really fun wedding, because the groom is a professional string player and he had very specific ideas for the music in his wedding. He had a cellist, guitarist, and vocalist join me on piano and we did some original mass settings and a lot of contemporary Christian music.

Next I ran over to St. Augustine's Chapel on Vandy's campus to give my arrangements to a string trio. The bride chose "Here, There and Everywhere," "Maybe I'm Amazed," and "Beautiful Day (U2) for her ceremony music. It's a quaint little chapel that looked (and smelled!) like summer camp. Check out these gorgeous pictures!



The next morning, I did my normal two church gigs and then headed to Events on 3rd in Printer's Alley to play the cocktail hour for a super hip wedding! This is a super cool venue, and the owner told me they were about to close down for major renovations. Keep your eyes on this place in the next few years; it's going to be one of the hottest venues in town! Have a great week and check back soon for updates on this weekends' gigs!


Printer's Alley