Mockingbird Musicians

Classical Chops (Listening Sample – Saint Saens’ Piano Concerto No. 2)

If you read the first couple of posts, you'll see that the only tunes we've posted are more pop-oriented. Just to show you that we really are musically diverse, here's a video from my Junior year as a piano major at Belmont. I won a spot in the Classical Performer's Concert, and it's still one of my favorite performance memories! (Since the piece was over 10 minutes in length, I had to divide the video when posting it to YouTube. If you have the attention span/interest, scroll to the bottom to pick up where the first one lets off.


All those talented musicians in the orchestra represent only a fraction of the group that I've known and played with during the pursuit of my bachelor's and master's degrees in music. We know musicians of every instrument and genre and look forward to seeing what interesting combinations people will request for their events!



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