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South Africa Trip (Listening Sample – “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”)

Several recent happenings have put me in an African mood - mainly because I just spent three weeks in Johannesburg on a dream gig with Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, my full-time job. Not to boast, but check out this hotel!

Life is rough, right?

Although I spent an insane amount of time reading by this pool, I did actually do some work there, as we played 21 shows during our 3 week stay. The best part of this job (other than getting paid to play the best music in the world for 3 generations of Beatles fans) is that the shows are typically in the evening, so we have the days free to explore the area in which we're playing. We made use of ALL of our free time and I got to pet (and eat) some pretty exotic animals:

*None of the above animals were consumed for the purposes of this blog post. The "eat" part came when we visited Carnivore Restaurant. We tried Kudu, Impala, Crocodile, Venison, Hartebeest, and Zebra.

Anyway, since I just got back from Africa, since I just got my NEW PIANO TUNED (Bah!!!!), and since the greatest Disney movie ever is being re-released in theaters, here is a video on that theme.

P.S. - On my return journey, I had a the worst flight of my life, which included being diverted to the Gambia, unable to refuel and stuck on a plane (without air) for an amount of time that would have resulted in MILLIONS of dollars of fines under the new U.S. regulations regarding the subject. My 30 hour trip turned into a 58 hour ordeal and I caught some nasty bronchial bug from breathing recycled air for three days. (Maybe that will temper the jealousy that will result from those cute animal pictures?) Therefore, please excuse the rough, nasal vocal quality.

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